Mobile payments surge over holiday shopping weekend

Paypal mobile payments

PayPal shows that mobile transactions have increased over the shopping weekend

Mobile payment volume surged over the holiday shopping weekend, according to PayPal. During the holidays, many consumers opted to do their shopping from a mobile device rather than visit physical stores. Those that did visit physical stores also used their smartphones and tablets to pay for products. PayPal notes that spending jumped 56% over the holiday weekend, with the number of mobile shoppers rising by 43% over what was recorded last year.

Mobile transactions surge 63% on Black Friday this year

According to data from PayPal, mobile payments grew by 62% on Black Friday this year, with the number of mobile shoppers jumping by 51%. Black Friday is traditionally the most active shopping day of the year and a chance for retailers to recover from losses they may have seen during previous months. Retailers that have focused on engaging mobile consumers have found significant success this year, as these consumers have proven their willingness to shop for and purchase products through mobile platforms.

Growth of mobile users is slowing slightly

Paypal mobile paymentsNotably, the growth in the number of mobile shoppers has begun to slow down. From 2011 to 2012, the number of mobile shoppers grew by a staggering 173%, while this number grew by 91% from 2012 to 2013. This slowdown in growth may not be a significant problem for the mobile commerce space, but it may suggest that retailers are doing less to engage mobile consumers effectively.

Mobile consumers are less inclined to adhere to conventional shopping traditions and holidays due to the convenience of mobile commerce

According to PayPal, the holiday shopping weekend was not the most active shopping period of this year. The company notes that September 30 through October 1 was actually a more active time in terms of mobile payments. During that period, mobile transactions rose by 27%. Mobile commerce can often be unpredictable, as it allows consumers to shop at any time, no matter where they are in the world. As such, they may not attach themselves to conventional shopping traditions and holidays.

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