Mobile payments surge over holiday shopping weekend

Paypal mobile payments

PayPal shows that mobile transactions have increased over the shopping weekend Mobile payment volume surged over the holiday shopping weekend, according to PayPal. During the holidays, many consumers opted to do their shopping from a mobile device rather than visit physical stores. Those that did visit physical stores also used their smartphones and tablets to pay for products. PayPal notes that spending jumped 56% over the holiday weekend, with the number of mobile shoppers rising by 43% over what was recorded last year. Mobile transactions surge 63% on Black Friday…

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Mobile payments through PayPal rose 43 percent on Thanksgiving

paypal venmo mobile payments

When compared to the same day in 2013, m-commerce was found to have broken many records. Holiday shopping is already off with a bang over every channel, and PayPal has now released some of the statistics with regards to the mobile payments that it processed, starting on Thanksgiving Day. What it showed was that its processing as a result of m-commerce is off to a great start in 2014. From that day alone, the company reported that it saw an increase of 56 percent in the global mobile payments volume…

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Total mobile payments from PayPal reach almost $4 billion last year

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

The totals for the mobile payments in 2011 are in, and PayPal saw nearly $4 billion that year alone, which is an exponential growth from what it had seen the year, when sales totaled $750 million. These figures were released by David Marcus, the mobile vice president at PayPal, whose numbers created an even bigger perspective about the success of mobile payments by the company when compared to 2009, when they totaled only $141 million. According to Marcus, the initial expectations of PayPal were that 2011 would bring in $1.5…

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One thousand transactions occur on mobile devices every hour in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

PayPal has announced that mobile commerce in Australia is building a great deal of steam, as consumers in that country have already broken the 1,000 hourly transaction mark. Newly released PayPal figures have indicated that there has been a significant spike in Australian smartphone payment volumes. The 2,000 PayPal merchants who are now accepting the first wave of payments using mobile within the last half year are indicating that e-merchants in the country are also responding to this transformation. Previously in 2011, the “M-Commerce: Secure Insight” study released by PayPal…

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