eBay launches new mobile commerce initiative in India

ebay mobile commerce

Mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity in India

India has become a very attractive market when it comes to mobile commerce. The country has been experiencing a boom in smartphone penetration in recent years and this has lead to a rise in demand for mobile-centric services. Many retailers have begun to respond to this demand by becoming more accommodating of mobile payments and supporting mobile commerce in general. eBay India has launched a new initiative that seeks to further promote mobile commerce throughout India.

eBay initiative aims to promote mobile shopping in the evening in order to showcase convenience of mobile commerce

ebay mobile commerceThe new initiative is called “Deals@10PM” and is meant to encourage consumers to shop in the evening. Many retailer stores tend to close down in the evening, thereby prohibiting consumers from shopping again until the stores open in the morning. The Internet never closes down, however, giving retailers with a strong online presence a way to remain constantly connected to consumers. eBay is one such retailer.

Mobile shoppers may be better at finding special deals from retailers

Through the new initiative, eBay intends to highlight the convenience of shopping online from a mobile device. From 10 PM to midnight, consumers will be able to shop for a wide range of products from the mobile devices and take advantage of numerous deals that eBay is offering. The retailer notes that there has been a swell in the number of people accessing its India portal from mobile devices. A recent survey has shown that approximately 78% of Indian shoppers have found better deals of products while using their mobile devices. Approximately 45% of consumers claimed that they regularly participated in mobile shopping at night.

India is a promising market for mobile shopping

India is becoming one of the most prominent mobile commerce markets in the world. The country does fall behind Thailand, South Korea, and China in terms of mobile commerce activity, but India is well ahead of others in the Asian-Pacific region in this regard. As smartphones and tablets become more common, consumers are likely to begin participating in mobile shopping and payments more regularly.

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