QR code shopping opens up for mobile supermarket experience

qr code shopping

A new “Smart Store” booth has opened in one of India’s biggest cities, allowing purchases with quick response code scans. A new form of QR code shopping has launched in India, letting consumers scan barcodes to purchase certain non-perishable staple food items from a booth. The new interactive booths have opened in three busy Metro stations located in Bengaluru. This lets commuters do a bit of QR code shopping on their way from one location to another. They can, for instance, pick up rice, grains or pulses on their way…

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Mobile commerce is expected to rise by 33 percent in India, next year

India mobile phone manufacturing

In 2016, the Indian population is expected to take on smartphone based shopping with a vengeance. According to a recent study that has been published jointly by Grant Thornton and the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, online purchases made over mobile commerce will break the 40 million mark by the close of next year. Comparatively speaking, the current level is believed to be around 30 million mobile device users. As a whole, the e-commerce market growth rate is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate…

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eBay launches new mobile commerce initiative in India

ebay mobile commerce

Mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity in India India has become a very attractive market when it comes to mobile commerce. The country has been experiencing a boom in smartphone penetration in recent years and this has lead to a rise in demand for mobile-centric services. Many retailers have begun to respond to this demand by becoming more accommodating of mobile payments and supporting mobile commerce in general. eBay India has launched a new initiative that seeks to further promote mobile commerce throughout India. eBay initiative aims to promote…

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