Anyone can create a website with QR code analytics now

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QRViewme New Release

MC2 SYSTEMS has announced the release of their new program, QRViewMe, for businesses and individuals specifically interested in incorporating QR codes into their ventures. The program allows for account administrators to manage a database of websites and attributes each with a custom QR code. All creation, storage and managements functions are conducted under one user account in an effort to make operation easier.

Citing a need in the burgeoning mobile technology market, MC2 SYSTEMS moved to provide a quick and easy way to implement QR codes in promotional campaigns. Using the program, anyone can create a website within minutes and link that site to a code that can then be printed. MC2 SYSTEMS believes this to be of particular use to those that are not savvy enough to construct a website on their own or companies looking to cut costs on hiring programmers to do the work for them.

The program is accompanied by an analytics feature which allows for real-time analysis of the performance of the QR codes. With access to this feedback, users can adjust their use of the code for best results. This feature provides flexibility within a campaign and enables users to be more in-tune with their business.

With more businesses, big and small, looking to take advantage of the booming mobile industry, developers like MC2 SYSTEMS find themselves with a unique and powerful opportunity. While QR codes are simple in concept, they are not always so in implementation. Companies providing tools to take the edge off the learning curve are shaping up to be a boon to those looking to make an impact with mobile advertising.

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