A star was born but what does the future hold for QR codes?

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QR Code Trend

2011 may well be the year in which mobile marketing and advertising are revolutionized. Though QR codes were invented in the 90’s as an easy way for Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota, to keep track of inventory, QR has gain prestige in recent years. In an emerging industry with still vague boundaries and definitions, the 2d barcode is quickly forming the structure upon which most mobile marketing will be based.

The advent of the smart phone brought with it a new field of digital interaction. From augmented reality to mobile internet and TV, the market has been booming! With its popularity and ability for instantaneous connectivity, the success of advertisers is shaping up to be defined by relevance rather than reach or frequency. The pressure is on for advertisers to reach audiences with personalized brand experience – ads that are specifically designed to target what a particular mobile user likes.

Through the use of QR codes, companies are looking to capitalize on what people want. More smart phone manufacturers are providing devices pre-installed with QR code readers in order to enable consumers with access to the advertising. Advertisers are linking the codes to websites, product demos, videos and their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The 2d barcode are versatile in their execution, being used in print media such as newspapers and magazines and even plastered on the sides of buildings.

While QR is shaping up to be the face of a new era of marketing, the boundaries of its applications have not yet been tested and offer many businesses with innovative opportunities.

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