Visa broadens its mobile payments service in the UK

blackberry mobile payments visa

The digital wallet service is now undergoing yet another expansion to make it easier for people to adopt. According to one of the latest announcements from Visa Europe, the mobile payments service from the credit card giant will soon be broadening even farther, in order to improve the online shopping experience for thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom. The goal is to improve the convenience and appeal of the mobile wallet service for people in the U.K. The company has established partnerships with a number of the biggest high…

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Visa introduces new mobile wallet payment system Visa mobile commerce payments

Visa enters into the arena of mobile commerce with new payment service Credit giant has announced that it will be launching a new mobile payment service this year. The company has taken a keen interest in NFC technology recently, believing that mobile commerce will become the predominant form of commerce in the world. Visa is not alone in this belief; many other credit institutions and telecommunications companies have also begun developing mobile payment systems in preparation for the proliferation of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Many of these companies are competing to…

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