7 Top photo editing tools for your camera phone

BeFunky Photo Editor

Remember a few years back, when the first camera phones appeared on the scene? The whole world suddenly went mad for them, shelling out hundreds of pounds for a phone that could take maybe six images of maybe 100 pixels each. Fast forward a decade or so though, and we’re not so easily impressed. With just about every smartphone now capable of taking thousands of pictures and recording reams of video, we’ve gone from marvelling at the technology to being blasé about it. It’s no longer enough to simply take…

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Paatle launches new QR code initiative for the real estate industry

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Paatle, a technology startup launched in 2011, has announced that it will be adopting QR codes for a new initiative aimed at the real estate industry. The company will begin offering a new service called Paatle QR Codes, which will help realtors connect with consumers. Consumers will also be able to use the service to share properties with their friends and colleagues. Each property using the program will have its own, unique QR code that is attributed to its profile on Paatle.com. The program is designed to make it easier…

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BBB warns that malicious QR codes could put consumers’ privacy at risk, offers some advice to thwart the threat

QR Code

As QR codes become more popular they are seeing more use. Only a year ago, the codes were all but unknown in the U.S. Now, they have become a staple in the world of marketing and are establishing themselves as a powerful and versatile social networking tool. Yet, the advent of QR codes in the west is not without its dangers and the Better Business Bureau of Canada and the U.S. has issued a number of warnings when it comes to using the codes. It may be difficult to attribute…

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