Rakuten acquisition may point to a future in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce Trends

Acquisition highlights Rakuten’s growing interest in the mobile space and mobile platforms Viber Media, makers of messaging applications based in Israel, has been acquired by Rakuten, a prominent e-commerce organization in Japan, for $900 million. The acquisition provides some insight as to what Rakuten may be planning for its future involvement in the mobile space. The Viber messaging application is used by some 300 million people, all of whom will soon be able to make use of the services that Rakuten will offer, thereby transforming the application into a mobile…

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Mobile commerce performance at Rakuten Shopping was steady in May

mobile commerce trends

The smartphone friendly site was able to keep solid load time and availability last month. According to the latest report from Keynote Systems regarding the performance of the mobile commerce website at Rakuten Shopping, the company was able to maintain steady results throughout all of May, but it would actually be possible to improve if some interesting changes were made. The site has opted to load a desktop file which actually hamper’s the page’s performance ability. That said, the mobile commerce homepage for Rakuten Shopping was able to load at…

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