QR codes make new Swedish burial trend

QR Codes used on gravestones

It is becoming commonplace to add quick response codes to tombstones in order to digitally memorialize the dead. Among the latest trends to make its way into Sweden is one that isn’t being talked about all that much but that has been growing at a considerable rate and involves the use of QR codes on tombstones in order to make it possible for friends and family to memorialize their deceased loved ones, online. Among the funeral services companies currently offering the digital memorials is Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund (SBF). There has…

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QR codes on gravestone help son memorialize his war hero father

QR Codes Grave Stones

An increasing number of cemeteries are starting to allow quick response codes on grave markers. In an industry where the trends are known not to change very quickly or frequently, mobile technology has brought a new option in the form of QR codes, to allow mourners to be able to memorialize their loved ones with far more space than is available on the gravestone, itself. These quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones with a free reader app, to learn more about the deceased. Among the most recent examples…

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QR codes introduced to many new U.S. graves

Grave Stone QR Codes

The smartphone friendly barcodes are being used at a growing number of cemeteries as memorials. A trend using QR codes to help remember loved ones after they have died is making its way across the United States as well as in other countries around the world. The use of this technology, which is compatible with smartphones and some tablets, is growing quickly. The reason is that QR codes help to use a very small amount of space in the physical world to provide a nearly limitless amount of space in…

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