Google teaches its Everyday Robots language skills

The company’s researchers want the devices to be able to better respond to human requests. Google is bringing its Everyday robots together large language models to provide them with a greater capacity to assist humans with a spectrum of daily tasks. The idea is to provide the devices with improved responses to requests made in different wordings. The Everyday Robots are being developed by Google’s parent company Alphabet’s experimental division called X. The gadgets were introduced into the company’s offices in 2021 to assist with daily tasks around the workplace…

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Retailers must adapt to mobile commerce or be left behind

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Mobile commerce is changing retail The world is changing and must of this change is being born from technology. Mobile technology, in particular, has lead to a veritable revolution in the way people interact with each other and with businesses. Smartphones and tablets have become much more than simple communication devices and have begun providing people around the world with access to powerful social and commerce platforms. The emergence of mobile commerce has highlighted the need for retailers, in particular, to adapt to the growing importance of technology or risk…

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Are Cloud Tools Changing the Landscape of the Internet?

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The landscape of the web is endless, which is one of the amazing things about the new age we live in. New technologies are regularly being introduced and just as people begin using them in their everyday lives, something else is invented that trumps them. One of the newest trends to sweep the web and the business that’s done on it is cloud computing. This technology allows companies to transfer and save large files in a cloud, or a third-party server that they rent for a set amount of time…

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This week’s Mobile Commerce Round Up

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Below find our notes of this week in Mobile Commerce… QR codes are used, but not for purchasing A Euromonitor retail technology survey shows that QR codes are being scanned by consumers, but not in order to purchase products. The survey suggests that consumers are significantly more likely to use the codes to obtain information on products rather than buy them.  Survey shows that approximately 40% of consumers use the codes in this way. QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations. A new project involving the fifth…

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Augmented reality used to mark expansive interactive theme park in South Korea

Augmented Reality Video7

Augmented reality has established itself as a powerful new technology in the realms of gaming, marketing and entertainment. The technology has come a long way in the decades since it was first developed and now more companies and organizations are adopting it with open arms. In South Korea, the technology is getting a lot of attention for how it is being used in a new project. D’strict, an interactive technology company, has constructed the world’s first 3D theme park in Seoul, South Korea, called Live Park. Live Park is comprised…

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