Augmented reality used to mark expansive interactive theme park in South Korea

Augmented Reality Video7

Augmented reality has established itself as a powerful new technology in the realms of gaming, marketing and entertainment. The technology has come a long way in the decades since it was first developed and now more companies and organizations are adopting it with open arms. In South Korea, the technology is getting a lot of attention for how it is being used in a new project. D’strict, an interactive technology company, has constructed the world’s first 3D theme park in Seoul, South Korea, called Live Park.

Live Park is comprised of seven stages, each featuring a wide array of RFID technologies and Microsoft Kinects. More than 65 attractions are split amongst the stages, giving visitors plenty of variety in what they want to see and experience. The Kinect allows visitors to experience augmented reality characters and holograms that are projected on expansive screens. Visitors are also able to make their own avatar – a digital representation of themselves – and interact with the characters at each attraction.

At present, augmented reality is dominating the field of interactive technology. D’strict has plans to open similar theme parks in China and Singapore in the years to come. The company also has plans to work with film studios in Hollywood, California. D’strict has shown that the technology is capable of providing an intensely entertaining experience and more companies are beginning to look into the powerhouse that is augmented reality.

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