Bitcoin becomes legal in California


New legislation makes the use of digital currencies legal in California California Governor Jerry Brown has signed new legislation into law that legalizes the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. These currencies had been banned in the state for some time, but this prohibition was overturned by those that believed a ban on digital currencies was outdated. The growing popularity of mobile commerce played a role in attracting support to the legislation, highlighting the fact that the way people are shopping for and purchasing products is beginning to change…

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Venmo may be the next mobile commerce success story

mobile commerce trend interest

Venmo continues to gain momentum in the mobile payments space Venmo may be the next big thing in mobile commerce. Venmo is owned by PayPal and is well on its way to becoming a very powerful and influential mobile commerce application. The app was launched less than two years ago and has already managed to reach the same level of transaction volume as Starbucks’ own mobile commerce application. Venmo has managed to win favor with consumers due to its convenient nature and its peer-to-peer, social features. PayPal may be able…

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