Mobile Technology and its Impact on Society

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Society is becoming more mobile-centric on a seemingly daily basis. Smartphones and tablets are playing bigger roles in people’s daily lives, and this is especially true as businesses and social organizations begin to become more mobile-centric themselves. The idea of mobility is quite attractive. In the past, people could only access the Internet and digital services from their desktop computers. Now, access to the digital world is everywhere and this constant connection has had a major impact on society as a whole. Because of a constant connection to the Internet,…

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Mobile trends data shows Millenials enjoy greater tech comfort than Boomers

Mobile trends

A recent study has shown that there is a notable gap in technology use among the generations. The results of a survey have now been released to provide insight regarding mobile trends from one generation to the next, and have shown that there is a big difference even between generations that are close together in time. There remains a notable gap in technology use between Generation Y and Generation Z. New mobile trends research of adults in Canada showed that 80 percent of Millenials own a smartphone. Among the Boomer…

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