Mobile trends data shows Millenials enjoy greater tech comfort than Boomers

Mobile trends

A recent study has shown that there is a notable gap in technology use among the generations.

The results of a survey have now been released to provide insight regarding mobile trends from one generation to the next, and have shown that there is a big difference even between generations that are close together in time.

There remains a notable gap in technology use between Generation Y and Generation Z.

New mobile trends research of adults in Canada showed that 80 percent of Millenials own a smartphone. Among the Boomer generation, only about 50 percent had a smartphone. Among all Canadian adults, only 36 percent own this type of device. Adults in the country who were 33 years old or younger were twice as likely to own a smartphone as those older than that age, despite the fact that the older age group had a larger average income. The younger group were also more likely to use those devices for social networking and email, said the research.

The mobile trends study was conducted on English speaking individuals in different generation groups.

Mobile trendsThe group that conducted the survey was the Media Technology Monitor, which is one of the CBC’s research services. It released the report regarding the adoption of technology among English speaking boomers (who were defined as being between the ages of 47 and 67 years) through the Millenials (who were defined as being 18 to 33 years old). It discovered quite stark differences among the generations, including between generations that were quite close to one another in age.

The differences were noted to extend well beyond the ownership of the devices. According to Media Technology Monitor’s Jeff Baker, “Here, the boomers reflect the market, but they’re not the ones driving it.” They may be the ones who happen to be spending the money on the technology that is currently available, but they are not the biggest users of the devices that are being purchased.

The Boomers may be the group with the smartphones – and they may have the most high end versions of the devices – but they are not the ones that use all of the various functions that are available by way of those devices, said this study of mobile trends.

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