Mobile payments will pick up with penetration of 4G

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MasterCard has believed that as these networks become more common, so will smartphone transactions. According to a recent statement from MasterCard, the increase in 4G networks will be central to driving an entirely new wave of innovative mobile payments options and services that merchants will be able to offer to their customers. The 4G networks will be central to engagement and innovative interactions between companies and businesses. Garry Lyons, the chief innovation officer for MasterCard, explained that 4G networks will provide the ability to be able to offer greater engagement…

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Mobile payments are just getting started, says Tim Cook

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

The Apple CEO was quoted to say that the technology and its use is still “in its infancy”. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has revealed that while he does see a future for mobile payments, its current status remains an immature market, which has led many in the technology industry to believe that his company is not planning to make any considerable moves into that sector within the near future. The CEO feels that the market is only just taking its first baby steps and that it is far from…

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Mobile payments to be worth more than $257 billion in 5 years

Mobile Payments market trends

A new report has predicted that the use of smartphone transactions will skyrocket by 2018. A new market research report has just been released which has shown that there will be considerable growth in the adoption and worth of mobile payments over the next half decade. This report was released by MarketsandMarkets and says that by 2018, this market will be worth $278.9 million. The name of the report is “Mobile Money Market: (Mobile Payments, Mobile Remittance, Mobile Banking & Mobile Commerce) – Advanced Technologies, Value Chain, Adoption Trends &…

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Mobile payments security threat will increase in 2013

mobile security for smartphone

Could worries over the safety of use hold back adoption of this technology? As security is one of the main concerns voiced by consumers and is one of the top issues faced by mobile payments providers, the news regarding the growth of threats next year is not entirely welcome. According to a recent study, the more popular the technology becomes, the greater the number of threats. Mobile payments, like online banking, brings financial access and technology together. Though its use has been picking up, it has in no way reached…

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Mobile payments due for more disruption in 2013, says PayPal

Mobile Payments Future

The head of the company, David Marcus, posted on the company blog to say that the area would continue with challenges. The president of PayPal, David Marcus, used the company’s blog in order to make a post with some of his predictions about what is to come next year, including the future of mobile payments. The posting included forecasts both about offline and online forms of paying for products and services. According to Marcus’s post, “At PayPal we have an end-to-end view of the industry that others don’t and I…

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