Mobile commerce comprises most online shopping sales

Mobile commerce - shopping on smartphone

Most online sales come from mobile devices. Globally, shopping over smartphones and tablets now makes up about 60 percent of all online sales according to a new Market Insights report released by Statista. The more time consumers spend on their phones and tablets, the more they are inclined to shop there. The convenience of mobile commerce when consumers are already using their smartphones and tablets on a regular basis has been driving sales to the point that this is by far the most common source of online sales. This year,…

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Tesco unveils virtual store powered by QR codes in South Korea

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Retailers all over the world have been implanting QR codes into their businesses. The advertising has been quick to develop new and innovative uses for the blocky barcodes. While some retailers have been shifting their focus away from QR codes to the emergence of NFC technology, Tesco, a global grocery and general merchandize retailer based in the UK, has been putting the codes to good use. Tesco has introduced a new way to shop in South Korea entirely driven by QR codes. The Asian market has been very accommodating to…

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