QR code system that remembers what you buy may be coming to major retail stores

QR Code

As the marketing industry becomes saturated with QR codes, the practice of tracking the codes performance is becoming more popular. Retailers are beginning to see the benefits of tracking QR code campaigns, as the valuable analytic data they derive from the codes can be used to make more effective campaigns in the future. Target, Home Depot and Macy’s are now looking to incorporate a QR code system that will remember specific customers, allowing retailers to use one code to reach thousands of different people. The concept is simple enough. When…

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Retailer giant gives a backstage pass to shoppers

Macy’s is without doubt the most popular department store known worldwide. As part of its new campaign it launched a new way for shoppers to connect with it through their mobile phones, giving their customers a special backstage pass to info not made available until now.  Macy’s new campaign coined, “Backstage Pass”, is the store’s way of bringing on the spot advice to shoppers concerning its latest tips, designs, fashion and products for spring. Making this move even smarter, Macy’s has selected two of the fastest methods of connecting with…

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