Mobile website from Orbitz is now open for smartphone business

Orbitz mobile website

The online travel firm has completely redesigned their mobile website. Though Orbitz has had an mobile website up and running for some time now, its first version experienced a large number of struggles and troubles along the way, which caused the online travel company to come up with a second generation site that has experienced far superior optimization. The former mobile website was often unavailable to smartphone and tablet users. It was not uncommon for the m-commerce site to present the following message “Our mobile magic hasn’t spread to this…

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Best Buy uses a geo-targeted mobile promotion to bring more consumers through its doors

Best Buy Geotargeting

Best Buy has been running a new form of geo-targeted ad within the iPhone app by Pandora, to help users to locate the nearest store. According to a mobile marketing consultant from Boston named Wilson Kerr, “Delivering a mobile call to action when a consumer is close to a location is very smart.” Kerr said that consumers with mobile devices who are traveling near one of the store’s locations are more capable of acting on one of these messages and heading to a store where they can make a purchase.…

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Sears revs up for Cyber Monday with enhanced web and mobile commerce site features

Mobile Commerce

With only a week before Cyber Monday, Sears Holdings has announced the heavily anticipated new and enhanced e-commerce and m-commerce website features at its,, and sites. This retail giant has made several changes in order to make it easier for consumers to navigate the sites on one of the biggest days of the year for online shopping. These efforts include the user of mobile apps that provide the opportunity for accessing the inventory at local stores, as well as mygofer-powered home delivery services. This gives customers the…

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