M-commerce performance from J.C. Penney reaches top 10 levels

m-commerce top 10

Keynote believes that a few simple steps could propel its successes even further upward. Over the last few weeks, J.C. Penney has been moving upward on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, but it made a considerable leap in m-commerce performance success during the week that ended on January 27. In that week, it brought itself up by a striking five positions, to reach the No. 10 position. Earlier this month, the company had been in 21st place, which helps to illustrate the difference that has been made by the…

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M-commerce website from Sports Authority drops the ball

m-commerce graph fall

The site performance for smartphones and tablets has fallen short through slow loading times. Keynote Systems has just released their latest m-commerce report, which has described the performance of the Sports Authority optimized website as being “unacceptable”. Much of this rating was based on the poor load time of the site’s home page, which has notably increased. According to the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, the average load time of the Sports Authority Inc’s m-commerce home page grew by a considerable 3.62 seconds during the week that ended on January…

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