QR code at Hackerspace aims to be largest in the world

rooftop qr code

The barcodes are constantly popping up in new and unique locations and strategies. Since the QR code has started to become very popular, it has become a considerable target for companies and individuals that have been making attempts at creating the largest one in various ways. This was the case with Hackerspace, which created a rooftop barcode in a unique way. Other rooftop QR code projects have occurred in the past, as have other very large ones that have been presented in stadiums, corn fields, and other surprising and sometimes…

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How to make a QR code out of chocolate

Chocolate QR Code

February has arrived and that means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As the day creeps closer, people are beginning to look for gifts for their loved ones. For the tech-savvy, getting a romantic gift can be as simple as making a QR code. Chocolate is, perhaps, the most iconic sweet for Valentine’s Day. In the past, companies like Lock&Lock from South Korea have constructed QR codes made entirely out of chocolate. The feat is not as challenging as it may seem, as YouTube’s decocookie shows. Decocookie’s latest…

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