Tumblr blog shows off less-than-perfect QR code campaigns

QR Code Marketing

QR codes have become a staple in mobile marketing, but some companies using the codes for their campaigns have fared more poorly than others. Some companies have become overzealous with their use of the codes, incorporating them into campaigns before they have an adequate understanding of how they work. This has led to problems with consumers, as they are either unable or discouraged from scanning the codes. Usually, these faulty campaigns are swept beneath the proverbial rug, but a new Tumblr blog is shedding some light on the matter. WTF…

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A QR Code Book…Really?!

QR Code

Books2Barcodes is a relatively new project which is comprised by a group of self-proclaimed archivists, engineers, and library scientists. The project aims to take classic works of fictions, like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and convert them to QR codes. Unfortunately, these works are often too lengthy for one code, and so each page has its own dedicated code. The project seems a bit obsolete when compared to services like Amazon’s Kindle Store, where readers can find books easily and read them without having to scan additional coding. Considering the…

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