Tumblr blog shows off less-than-perfect QR code campaigns

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

QR codes have become a staple in mobile marketing, but some companies using the codes for their campaigns have fared more poorly than others. Some companies have become overzealous with their use of the codes, incorporating them into campaigns before they have an adequate understanding of how they work. This has led to problems with consumers, as they are either unable or discouraged from scanning the codes. Usually, these faulty campaigns are swept beneath the proverbial rug, but a new Tumblr blog is shedding some light on the matter.

WTF QR CODES was launched only a few short weeks ago but has already amassed a large following. The blog seeks out pictures of mobile marketing campaigns that, essentially, miss the mark in regards to consumer appeal. Some of the campaigns featured on the blog show companies using the codes more than written content, creating a confusing mesh of words and blocky patterns. Other campaigns are shown to use the codes as a way to engage consumers, but ultimately fail as the codes cannot be scanned either because they are too small or are not configured properly.

The blog is not meant to detract from the merit of QR codes. Rather, it is meant to show how faulty campaigns can drive consumers away. Some have claimed that QR codes are a dying mobile marketing tool, but consumers have been warming up to the mobile technology, appreciating the codes for their ability to provide discounts and other such offers.

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