Facebook accuses Apple of favorable treatment to preinstalled apps

Preinstalled apps - Facebook app in App Store

The social media giant pointed to a study it commissioned to support its accusations. A new study conducted by Comscore and commissioned by Facebook has taken a closer look at the way Apple and Google first-party preinstalled apps are treated in terms of the competition they permit on mobile devices. The study had several components including asking about 4,000 consumers about their applications. The details of the study were initially released in a recent report published by The Verge. In the report, it pointed out that Apple’s initial response to…

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Facebook uses social media ads to criticize Apple privacy changes

Social media ads - Facebook logo

The social media platform claims the iPhone maker will hurt small businesses relying on targeted ads. Facebook recently ran social media ads in addition to publishing a new website in an outcry against Apple’s privacy changes. It claims that those changes will “[threaten] the personalized ads that millions of small businesses rely on to find and reach customers.” The social network also ran print ads with the same message in major American Newspapers. In addition to the website and social media ads, Facebook ran print ads in the Washington Post,…

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