The mobile phones and brain cancer risk controversy continues with a new study

mobile phones and brain cancer risk

Research taking 30 years of data into consideration and that was conducted in Australia produced surprising results. According to the results of a study looking into mobile phones and brain cancer risk, there is no link between the use of a cellular telephone and any changes in the chances of developing a tumor inside the skull. The research found that despite widespread use of cell phones in Australia for three decades, tumors haven’t increased. The researchers from the University of Sydney determined that even though there has been a steady…

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Leading Australian doctor links mobile phones to brain cancer

mhealth mobile phones

The respected physician has cautioned device owners that the use of cell phones can increase the risk of the disease. One of the top doctors in Australia has now released a warning in which he has stated that there is a link between the use of mobile phones and the risk of developing brain cancer; a statement that has been met with a considerable amount of controversy. Dr. John Tickell is, himself, a brain cancer survivor, and is calling for more research on the topic. According to Dr. Tickell, the…

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