Nocturnal Media brings augmented reality to board games

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Traditional gaming could benefit from augmented reality As gaming becomes more popular worldwide — quickly approaching $100 billion in global annual sales — traditional games have experience a resurgence in popularity. A growing number of people around the world are becoming more interested in board games and these games have garnered a strong following due to the community engagement that they offer. In an age where consumers are strongly interested in interactive technologies, however, whether board games have a future is somewhat dubious. In an attempt to make board games…

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Japanese scientists aim to take gaming to a new level with augmented reality and quantum levitation

Augmented Reality Video1

The Playstation Vita has been generating a lot of buzz in the gaming industry because of its use of augmented reality technology. The small handheld console will be able to make games much more immersive by allowing players to interact with real world environments while playing games. While the Vita may change the way people play games, researchers from the Japan Institute of Science and Technology are attempting to take augmented reality to a new level. A team of scientists have taken Sony’s wildly popular futuristic racing series WipEout and…

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Augmented reality is getting more attention for its practical applications as design firm develops a Touch Vision Interface

Touch Vision Augmented Reality Video

As augmented reality continues to become more advanced, much of the attention surrounding the technology is focused on its uses for entertainment and marketing. Many of the ways the technology has been used in recent times has branded it as novelty, along the same lines as 3D in the film industry. However, Teehan+Lax, an interactive design firm, is working to reverse the unjust branding of augmented reality technology. The company has developed a new software suite dubbed Touch Vision Interface that may bring a new dimension to augmented reality. The…

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