Future-Proofing Your Business

Your Business Technology

The Internet has made it possible to get news updates regarding technology on a more consistent basis. Gone are the days of waiting for your monthly subscription before you even get an idea about the latest software and gadgets to hit the market. Interest in tech-related subjects has steadily increased, propelling companies to produce better products and do more research on innovative concepts. In the near future, you can expect businesses to adapt accordingly and integrate operations with sophisticated systems based on the top computer-driven releases. You can help put…

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How to Land the Cloud Computing Gig of Your Dreams!

Cloud computing jobs

Recent studies have found that there is an acute shortage of qualified applicants for cloud computing jobs. This shortage is forecasted to continue as cloud related positions are expected climb 26% annually through 2015. In fact, a recent IDC white paper found that the biggest reason 1.7 million cloud-related positions remained unfilled in 2012 was because job seekers lacked the training and certification needed to work in a cloud-enabled world. There has never been a better time to land that dream job in the cloud computing industry. The jobs are…

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Are PCs Becoming Obsolete in Business?

old pc

As most people who work with computers know quite well, technology can change in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t that long ago when computers were giant monstrosities that took up most of a room; now we have compact desktop models, portable laptops and tablets that easily accept mobile payments. While PCs have been the go-to model for years for both business and personal use, it seems that they may soon become obsolete in favor of the much more on-the-go laptops and tablets. Thanks to the emerging cloud technology,…

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Are Cloud Tools Changing the Landscape of the Internet?

cloud computing mobile security

The landscape of the web is endless, which is one of the amazing things about the new age we live in. New technologies are regularly being introduced and just as people begin using them in their everyday lives, something else is invented that trumps them. One of the newest trends to sweep the web and the business that’s done on it is cloud computing. This technology allows companies to transfer and save large files in a cloud, or a third-party server that they rent for a set amount of time…

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Augmented reality expanding into new industries


New study examines the various prospects of augmented reality RnRMarketResearch.com, a provider of market research reports covering numerous industries, has announced a new study to its offering concerning augmented reality. The study, called Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond, examines the growing role augmented reality is beginning to play in various industries. The technology has been growing quite popular recently due to the attention Google’s Project Glass has brought to it. Google is not the only company interested in making use of the technology, however. Study examines prospects of…

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