Burger King QR codes join Lil Yachty in marketing campaign at the VMA

Lil Yachty and The King - Burger King VMA Commercials - YouTube

The fast food chain employed a unique strategy for connecting with the event’s viewers. Brand mascot and Lil Yachty made an unlikely appearance together at the MTV Video Music awards alongside on air Burger King QR codes. The barcodes were used to allow viewers to scan using smartphones to gain various discounts. Attention was drawn to the Burger King QR codes through giant royal mascot and popular rapper. Together, they took over the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) by way of augmented reality appearances last Sunday night. The VMAs are…

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QR codes are front and center in Middle Eastern Burger King ads

burger king qr codes middle east

The barcodes are being used for the fast food giant’s latest advertising campaign which has just been launched. Burger King has just announced the launch of its latest mobile marketing campaign, which will feature QR codes at its very center throughout its Middle Eastern locations. The fast food giant is relying on these quick response barcodes to attract the attention of its customers. The QR codes are being printed on the food packaging at its restaurants in the Middle East. Consumers who use their smartphones to scan the barcodes will…

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Burger King announces new mobile payment systems based on QR codes

QR codes in mobile commerce

Partnership with Qualcomm to increase ease of purchasing by smartphone customers. Burger King has announced that it will soon be implementing a pilot mobile payment systems program that will use QR codes do allow smartphone users to purchase products from the restaurant chain. The trial program will start in about four dozen BK locations and go national if it is successful. This will be made possible through Qualcomm owned and operated Firethorn Mobile, an m-commerce enabler. It is to be called the BK Mobile Crown Card, and will find its…

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