Magic Mirror to bring augmented reality to retail

augmented retail

Augmented reality may solve some problems in e-commerce E-commerce has emerged as one of the most prominent aspects of the retail industry. Retailers have been making more of an effort to connect with online consumers in recent years, recognizing that these people represent a wide and diverse audience. As retailers begin to focus more on e-commerce, they are becoming more interested in the use of augmented reality. Many retailers face a simple, but important problem in that a significant portion of online consumers will not make purchases of items they…

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Augmented reality coming to IKEA 2013 catalog

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Retailer adopts augmented reality for new catalog International home products company IKEA has added augmented reality into its 2013 catalog. The new catalog will feature a wide variety of augmented reality experiences that can be unlocked through the use of an iOS mobile device. The catalog will make its way to over 211 million consumers worldwide when it is released sometime toward the end of the year. If the catalog’s augmented reality features are well received by consumers, the company may opt to include the technology in future publications. Technology…

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