Augmented reality coming to IKEA 2013 catalog

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Retailer adopts augmented reality for new catalog

International home products company IKEA has added augmented reality into its 2013 catalog. The new catalog will feature a wide variety of augmented reality experiences that can be unlocked through the use of an iOS mobile device. The catalog will make its way to over 211 million consumers worldwide when it is released sometime toward the end of the year. If the catalog’s augmented reality features are well received by consumers, the company may opt to include the technology in future publications.

Technology to provide consumers with a better understanding of products

Augmented reality has been identified as an effective way to engage consumers on a dynamic level. The technology is capable of presenting these consumers with a variety of interactive experiences. IKEA believes that the technology could be used to give consumers a better understanding of its products. Using the technology in such a way has already become quite popular amongst businesses that specialize in home products.

Augmented reality to showcase numerous IKEA products

Using IKEA’s mobile application, consumers will be able to access digital galleries and videos of the company’s products. They will also be able to look inside of the company’s furniture to see the craftsmanship that went into creating such products. This content will be interactive, allowing consumers to manipulate it to better suit their needs. Consumers will be able to find more information concerning the company’s products through augmented reality displays.

Interactive technology continues to play a growing role in the retail industry

IKEA is not the first to make use of augmented reality for its catalogs. Tesco, a British retailer, utilized the technology for its own catalog that was released last year. Tesco showcased 40 products through the use of augmented reality, providing consumers with 3D displays that gave them a better understanding of what the products were. IKEA is not likely to be the last company to make use of augmented reality, especially as more consumers become aware of the technology’s capabilities.


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