Augmented reality may be a powerful tool for gaming and entertainment

Augmented Reality

Report highlights augmented reality in gaming and entertainment Augmented reality has been widely used for the purposes of entertainment in the past. While the technology is gaining ground in other fields, it remains a powerful force in the entertainment sector, especially where gaming is involved. Mind Commerce, a leading market research and consulting firm, has released a new report concerning the state of augmented reality in the game and entertainment industries. The report highlights the trends that exist in these sectors and how augmented reality is being used to engage…

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Visiongain foresees explosive growth for the mobile augmented reality market

M-Commerce growth

A new report from Visiongain, an independent research agency, shows that the mobile augmented reality market is on the verge of explosive growth. The report, titled “Mobile Augmented Reality Report 2011-2016: Emerging Opportunities,” outlines the growth and evolution of the market around the world. As smart phones become more advanced, they are able to handle the technologic demands of augmented reality. More powerful smart phones have enable telecommunications and technology companies to tap into a new dimension of interactivity that consumers have, thus far, responded well to. The report shows…

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