Consumers are embracing mobile commerce

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MasterCard finds that more consumers around the world are showing favor for mobile commerce MasterCard has found that fears regarding mobile commerce security may be diminishing among consumers, especially those in Asian countries. According to a recent study from the company, which was developed in partnership with PRIME Research, more consumers are talking about mobile payments. The study tracked 19.1 million social media posts across prominent platforms throughout the world, finding that consumers, and merchants, are talking about how convenient and interesting mobile commerce actually is. Study highlights the improving…

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Mobile payments are growing among business professionals

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Report shows that business professionals have a significant interest in mobile commerce A new report from Timetric shows that mobile payments have become quite popular among business professionals, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The report suggests that 50% of business professionals have used their mobile devices to make a payment. The Asia Pacific region has become one of the most active mobile commerce markets in the world, with many consumers opting to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products in the past few years. 31% of…

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