Mobile payments are growing among business professionals

Women mobile payments texting trends

Report shows that business professionals have a significant interest in mobile commerce

A new report from Timetric shows that mobile payments have become quite popular among business professionals, especially in the Asia Pacific region. The report suggests that 50% of business professionals have used their mobile devices to make a payment. The Asia Pacific region has become one of the most active mobile commerce markets in the world, with many consumers opting to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products in the past few years.

31% of business professionals plan to increase their mobile payments in the coming year

The report shows that most business professionals do not have plans to change their mobile payments habits as they are happy with mobile shopping currently. Approximately 31% of business professionals expect their habits to change in the coming year, however, claiming that their mobile payment activity may increase by as much as 25%. Notably, mobile payments are more popular among male business professionals, though female business professionals may be more inclined to spend larger sums of money while shopping for products online.

Professionals appreciate the convenience of mobile commerce

Women mobile payments texting trendsBeyond the Asia Pacific region, mobile commerce is growing quickly. Business professionals appear to favor mobile payments because it is more convenient than conventional commerce. The report shows that business professionals appreciate the ease-of-use of most mobile commerce platforms as well as the time saving capabilities of mobile shopping. Digital commerce also supports around-the-clock shopping, as online stores never close. This allows those with busy schedules to shop whenever they feel they have enough time.

Consumers are still somewhat wary of mobile payments due to security issues

Though mobile payments have become more popular among business professionals, no single mobile commerce service has managed to find mainstream success. This is because consumers, including business professionals, are more willing to move from one service to another in order to take advantage of features they enjoy. Consumers are somewhat wary of mobile payments as well, due to the security concerns they have with the concept of paying for products with their mobile devices.

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