Mobile marketing budgets predicted to take off in Asia Pacific

mobile marketing trends asia pacific

A survey has revealed that one third of marketers intend to spend 75 percent more. Warc has now conducted a new survey in the Asia Pacific region on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association that has shown that 90 percent of marketers in that area are expecting that they will be increasing their budgets for advertising and promoting over smartphones and tablets. In fact, among them, the majority will be adding a considerable amount of money to their budgets. Among the participants in the mobile marketing survey, 34 percent believe…

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Mobile marketing around the world was worth $5.3 billion last year

mobile marketing spending worldwide

One third of that spending was in the Asia-Pacific region. Findings from an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) analysis has shown that the worldwide mobile marketing spending last year was $5.3 billion 31.4 percent ($1.7 billion) was spent on advertising in North America. The complete study was conducted by the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, in conjunction with the HIS Screen Digest, and the IAB Europe. The purpose of the research was to try to determine how big the smartphone and tablet advertising marketplace truly was, both globally, as well…

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