Apple Watch heart study sells wearable tech to seniors for only $49

Apple Watch Study - Apple Watch

The tech giant is partnering with Johnson & Johnson to research atrial fibrillation. A new Apple Watch study with pharma giant Johnson & Johnson is examining the device’s capacity to detect a heart rhythm abnormality in seniors. Seniors assigned the wearable technology for the research are able to buy it at Best Buy for $49. This will become one of the biggest randomized digital health studies that has ever been conducted. The Apple Watch study is also another example of a pharmaceutical company and technology company partnering with a retailer.…

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Wearable tech is finally starting to prioritize style

virtual fashion show wearable tech

Major acquisitions are being made to help wearables to become more fashionable and appealing for consumers. One of the most important factors about wearable tech – and yet one that so many of the manufacturers appear to have forgotten in the earliest products – is that these mobile devices actually have to be worn, and because of that, the majority of consumers aren’t going to be interested in dropping hundreds of dollars on something that they consider to be ugly or too weird. Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Electronics is…

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iWatch plans may be revealed by streak of hiring at Apple

smartwatch new wearable technology

The technology manufacturer is forming a team of senior medical technology execs. Apple has been drawing a considerable amount of attention and speculations as it has started a hiring spree in order to create a team made up of top senior medical technology executives for what many believe will be an important element of the so-called iWatch and other forms of wearable technology that the company may have in the works. This has caused the entire smartwatch and biotechnology community to put itself on alert. Many rumors have been flying…

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