All Aboard: AT&T’s New Plan Perfect for Smartphone Users on a Cruise

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People who want to stay connected to work or social networks were always out of luck when it came to taking a cruise—routine cell phone service had to be purchased from the ships at shocking markups. Data plans were nearly impossible to find at an affordable rate. Until recently, travelers with any type of cell phone were at the mercy of cruise line operators when it came to using their devices. Enter AT&T, who has introduced a new service that, despite a few wrinkles, now makes it easy and affordable…

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MasterCard released PayPass SDK for app developers

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MasterCard continues to show support for NFC technology Most of the world’s major financial institutions have shown their support for NFC technology. MasterCard is no different, but the credit giant has been more conservative in its approach to the technology than its competitors. NFC technology is most commonly associated with mobile commerce, a growing industry that has the potential to change the way consumers make payments for goods and services. The popularity of the technology has been marred by concerns regarding safety and efficiency, causing many in the financial services…

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Facebook begins testing new mobile marketing platform

Facebook mobile social media marketing

Ad program targets developers of mobile applications Since going public earlier this year, Facebook has been faced with several challenges in terms of stocks and revenue. The company is currently in need of increasing its revenue generation significantly, which means that it is beginning to focus more on its mobile strategy. The social network is beginning to focus more on its use of mobile advertisements for developers of applications. The company is currently testing a new ad program for developers, which will enable them to target a wider audience while…

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AptGeek launches new QR code service for app developers allowing them to make tiny business cards


AptGeek Technologies, a mobile technology company based in Quebec, Canada, has launched a new website that could become of great use to app developers. The site – – allows users to design business cards that resemble the shape of mobile application icons. The cards are quite small, being roughly 1.25 square inches overall. The front of the cards will display the icon of a particular app and the back will have a QR code, which will be embedded with a web address. When scanned, the QR code resolves…

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4 out of 5 doctors use smartphones and tablets at work

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A recent study by Jackson & Coker has shown that approximately 80 percent of all practicing physicians use a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, as well as any number of apps, as a part of their typical medical. There are many different contributing factors to the rapid increase in mobile device popularity. Among them are that they are simple to use, convenient, affordable, and doctors can easily carry them from one patient exam to the next in order to carry electronic patient information, which is handy as…

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