Meta social media network Threads rolls out its own hashtags

Threads social media - no hashtag symbol

The company started to roll out the tags but without the need to use the hash symbol.

Threads, the Meta social media network many people view as an alternative to X (formerly known as Twitter), has announced that it is rolling out tags for posts, without the need for the hash symbol as is the case with hashtags on other platforms.

Users will be able to choose only a single tag in order to avoid trends toward tag spam.

The social media platform first started testing the new tagging feature last month in Australia. Following that trial period, it is now rolling out the feature worldwide. Though they will be used in the same way as hashtags, they are used slightly differently on the Threads platform. For instance, the tag doesn’t require the hash symbol. Moreover, a phrase can use spaces and special characters.

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Users of the platform can click on the tags in order to open the search view and view all the posts that have been similarly tagged. Equally, users can also use the search bar to conduct a query for the tag they’d like to view. That said, the results might also show posts that have used the same phrase, even if it’s not a tag.

While hashtags can still be added to a post, it will require manual additions in the social media platform’s composer.

In a recent post made by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, he stated that Meta is hoping that this new version of the tag will reduce the instance of engagement hacking.Form Id not found. Please copy paste the correct shortcode text.

Interestingly, the Threads app still doesn’t have a trending section. That said, when a tag is tapped, some of the most popular tags can be displayed in order to make it easier to add them.

Topics that are considered to be bullying, spam, harassment, eating disorders, scams or fraud, or hate speech and symbols can all be reported. Some of the users that have already started using the new tags on the social media platform have said that they have already received warnings regarding the use of certain tags that are sensitive, as those tags had been previously reported. The warning threshold for the sensitive tags popup has yet to be made clear as of the time this article was written.

Some users aren’t sure about the benefits of the single tag limit, as there is a chance that a post might not reach the intended audience if they tend to search for another tag for the same topic instead.

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