QR codes simplify renewable hydrogen fuel awareness

QR codes - Hydrogen Fuel News Merch Store - T-Shirts

The new HFN store has added quick response codes to its merchandise to make it easier to share information.

Hydrogen Fuel News (HFN), an online magazine focused on the latest in renewable energy headlines, has added QR codes to the merchandise it sells in its new store.

The purpose of the barcodes is to make it easy for people to share information about H2.

The QR codes are found on the sleeves or back of the neck of the shirts in the HFN store, as well as being strategically placed on other items such as the duffel bag, mug, and stainless-steel water bottle. In this way, its easy for anyone who has purchased the merchandise to answer any questions asked about their H2 gear by letting someone scan the barcode and automatically learn more on their phones.

Beyond spreading awareness about hydrogen fuel, some of the proceeds from the sale of the HFN merchandise will be donated to the Sea Cleaners charity, and their unique Manta ship, which collects plastic waste off the surface of waterways and processes it onboard. The plastic is then processed for reuse solutions that will have the smallest possible environmental impact.

The QR codes are a simple way to share information that could require a longer explanation.

While it’s easy for someone to say that their H2 gear is referring to hydrogen fuel, explaining just how that renewable energy could help governments and companies to decarbonize and reach their climate targets is a much longer conversation. The barcode makes it easy for someone interested in learning more to be able to find accurate, easy to understand information about this alternative to fossil fuels that is becoming an important factor in the world’s transition away from oil, coal, and even eventually natural gas.

The barcode also helps scanners to learn more about what the Sea Cleaners are doing, about their one-of-a-kind Manta ship, and the various projects they’re running to clean plastic waste off the surface of coastlines, estuaries and large river mouths.

QR codes like this are particularly effective at the moment, as their role has exploded over the last year and a half as companies have sought contact-free ways to share QR codes - Hydrogen Fuel News Merch Store - T-Shirtsinformation. The barcodes on the Hydrogen Fuel News merchandise now provides an easily recognizable and simple way to share and obtain helpful information and spread awareness.

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