QR code name verification system launched in Taiwan

QR code name verification - QR Code displayed on mobile phone

The country has added the quick response barcodes to its real-name registration system.

Last week, Taiwan’s Cabinet announced a new QR code name verification feature to help simplify the real-name registration system. The idea is to make it faster and easier to provide accurate contact information using a three-step process that is supposed to take only five seconds to complete.

The real-time confirmation of a person’s true identity is meant to help in slowing the COVID-19 spread.

One component of the Level 3 restrictions currently in place in Taipei and New Taipei. These restrictions were implemented as a result of a spike in COVID-19 cases. It requires all venue customers and visitors to complete complex forms by hand for contact tracing purposes in case an infection is reported and those who were possibly exposed must be notified. Alternately, the QR code name verification option can now be used to complete the process automatically instead of having to go through the time consuming and cumbersome process of filling out the form by hand every time a place is entered.

The new feature was announced by Digital Minister Audrey Tang. This system skips the need for completing manual forms to enter names, telephone numbers and other information when entering stores and public agencies. Moreover, it helps to ensure that people enter accurate information, reducing the risk of fraud or simple human error in each form completion.

According to Tang, the new QR code name verification feature takes only “five seconds” to use.

Using this option is the same as using quick response codes in virtually any other context, said Tang. All smartphone users need to do is scan the QR code displayed at a store, public agency, or public transportation location. This does not require a special app but can be accomplished using the phone’s camera app or any barcode reader application.

When the barcode is scanned, the user is automatically directed to a link. When that is clicked, an SMS message box appears. All a user needs to do then is click “send”. Nothing needs to be typed or written down.

QR code name verification - QR Code displayed on mobile phoneUsers with feature phones or dumbphones and who can’t scan the QR code name verification barcodes have the option of texting a store’s unique identification number to 1922.

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