NFC mobile commerce may be the key for economic growth

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Telenor Group highlights the potential economic benefits of NFC technology

NFC technology is beginning to gain a great deal of attention from the world’s governments. NFC has been playing an increasing role in modern telecommunications throughout the world, especially that of the mobile variety. The technology is capable of many things, but has shown prowess in the field of commerce. NFC mobile commerce has become an attractive subject for governments looking to bolster their economies in times of financial crisis. The Telenor Group, a leading provider of mobile communication services throughout Europe and Asia, believes that government leaders should become well-versed in the concept of NFC mobile commerce.

Some governments may be missing out of economic growth by avoiding NFC mobile commerce

Jon Baksaas, CEO of the Telenor Group, claims that there are a wide range of benefits that can be gained from making use of a country’s modern telecom infrastructure. Baksaas notes that many countries underestimate the abilities of their own telecom infrastructures. As such, they may be at risk of missing economic growth opportunities that could help pull them from the verge of financial crisis. These infrastructures are capable of facilitating dynamic connections between consumers and businesses, which Baksaas believes “brings economic growth.


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Interest in NFC mobile commerce on the rise in countries where it is widely used

Several counties, including the U.S. and United Kingdom, have gained a fair amount of experience with NFC mobile commerce. NFC technology has enabled consumers to make purchases of goods and services with nothing more than their smart phones and a bank account. Those that have participated in NFC mobile commerce have expressed their favor for the convenience of a mobile payment system. According to Baksaas, “NFC will be the key driver for the future.”

Demand for mobile services continues to grow around the world

NFC mobile commerce is beginning to play a larger role in the economics of the world. Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices to conduct their daily business. As such, the demand for mobile services has been on the rise. Baksaas notes that this demand is also present within the business world, where many companies are looking to partner with financial institutions to establish their own presence in the mobile commerce industry.

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