New study asks: Do Apple or Android apps crash more frequently?

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Crittercism, an analytics company, has announced the release of its new report which has shown that iOS apps have a greater tendency to crash than Android apps.

However, many mobile experts are wondering if this is truly a problem with Apple apps or whether this is simply a typical occurrence in the app arena when the operating system or its upgrades have only just been released.

The crash survey performed by Crittercism evaluated over 214 million app launches between the months of November and December 2011, in order to decide where crashes are the most common. Their efforts showed them that there were more crashes using iOS applications (approximately 162 million) than there were with Android applications (approximately 52 million). This showed that iOS apps crash about three times more than Android apps.


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It should be noted, though, that the analysis performed by Crittercism occurred only a few weeks after a significant iteration was launched for the iOS 5 operating system, and that this time period also fell in the midst of an incremental upgrade to the iOS version 5.0.1.

Many mobile experts say that due to this timing, the crashes that were registered by the analysis between December 1 and December 15 (which accounted for 32 percent of all of the iOS crashes) were including problems with apps installed on both the older and newer versions of the operating system.

According to Andrew Levy, the CEO of Crittercism, he anticipated that as the new Nexus S phone and Ice Cream Sandwich had both just launched when the study occurred, “we’ll expect the same situation to occur (with Android) as what happened (with iOS).”

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