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Though there is a tremendous amount of information and discussion available regarding mobile technology available online, it does involve a large amount of technical jargon that is often thrown around but rarely defined.

It may be easy to find information about various mobile topics, but understanding what metering is, the difference between GSM and CDMA, and why backhaul impacts your connection speed, and other technical topics can seem rather overwhelming when you don’t understand the terms being used.

The following are some of the more basic mobile telecom terms that you will need to know in order to understand the information on this subject:

• Cramming – this is a term used when charges from a third party are added to a phone bill. Cramming is frustrating to consumers who frequently didn’t know that they would be charged, and did not sign up for the services for which they were charged. Carriers and regulators dislike cramming because they must manage the customer complaints.


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• Churn – this term is used for the efforts taken by an increasing number of customers to avoid having to subscribe to a service.

• NFC – this acronym stands for near field communications. This technology comes in the form of a chip which allows data to be sent over a short distance from the chip to a reader device. The current focus of this technology is currently use for payments using a mobile phone at a physical retail store, as well as for the redemption of discount coupons.

• Throttling – this term is used to define the situation when a customer has reached a top limit of data consumption, at which time the carrier significantly slows the connection speed of the customer.

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