Apple rumored to be skipping spring mobile devices event

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Instead, the iPhone maker is reportedly aiming to make more subtle product announcements

If there’s one thing many people feel they can rely on the most when it comes to Apple mobile devices, it’s that there will be a large spring press event to launch new products. That said, this might not be the case in 2024.

It appears that Apple doesn’t intend to hold the event this year

A recent Power On newsletter by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has stated that Apple isn’t intending to hold its large spring launch event for mobile devices this year. Instead, it will simply roll out a number of new products much more subtly.

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This claim is supported by the fact that both the 13-inch and 15-inch M3 MacBook Air computers have already launched, and this occurred by nothing flashier than a press release.

Not the first skipped event to launch mobile devices

Though many people wait for this event each year, this isn’t actually the first time a spring event has been missed in recent years. In fact, the iPhone maker decided not to hold a spring event in 2023 too. Moreover, there have been other years in which this particular event was skipped in favor of stealthier product launches.

Products expected to launch this spring

In addition to the two sizes of M3 MacBook Air that recently launched, many also expect Apple to launch an updated iPad Air with a new version that will have a 12.9-inch screen.  The company will also be unveiling new iPad Pro models powered by M3 and featuring OLED display technology.

In the Power On newsletter by Gurman, he went on to state that there might be an updated Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard headed to store shelves. Furthermore, he predicted that the keyboard will have a new aluminum design reminiscent of the MacBook appearance, and that the stylus will gain new interchangeable magnetic tips.

Apple’s next large event to announce mobile devices

Without the spring event, the next large Apple event that will take place in 2024 won’t occur until June during its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). There, Apple is expected to make its commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) official.  Furthermore, it is likely to unveil a number of updates to its operating system, including iOS 18, which could involve a substantial change to the mobile OS.


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