Mobile device users aren’t thrilled with the service they receive

teen texting mobile device users

A recent study has shown that the majority of smartphone owners don’t think their service is very good.

Accenture has recently shared the results of a study that revealed that most mobile device users are unhappy with the service they’re receiving and are prepared to change their network providers.

The report showed that these unhappy customers are prepared to look elsewhere for greener pastures.

The mobile device users study results were published within the 2016 Accenture Screenager Report. What it showed was that over half of the people who were surveyed stated that they were unhappy with the experience they were receiving from their mobile network providers were giving them and that they were ready to look elsewhere. The data collected for this research was brought in through the 2016 Digital Consumer Survey from Accenture. That is designed to help to provide insight into the latest trends, behaviors and attitudes held by consumers when it comes to the use of smartphones and other smart devices and gadgets.

This year, it showed that more than 80 percent of the people surveyed now considered themselves mobile device users.

teen texting mobile device usersThat was a notable increase over 2012, when the figure had been only 26 percent. That said, when considering that about 80 percent of consumers have cell phones, smartphones or tablets, the fact that more than half of them aren’t happy with the service they’re receiving is a considerable statement about this market.

The report also pointed out that:

• 83 percent of the respondents were unhappy with the mobile ads that were causing interference with the use of their devices.
• 62 percent are concerned over the security of their mobile banking and payments when using the device in-store or online to make a purchase or financial transaction
• 60 percent of mobile device users aren’t happy with their connectivity and are willing to change providers in the hopes of finding something better or at least cheaper.
• 47 percent expressed concern over their personal mobile security and privacy through the use of their devices over apps, mobile browsers and other features of their smartphones and tablets.

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