Samsung unveils concept augmented reality windshield

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

The tech giant has revealed an HUD AR experience that could bring notifications and other features to riders.

Samsung has now taken the opportunity to place a new concept into the spotlight, in the form of an HUD augmented reality windshield that would help to give motorcycle riders the ability to receive notifications and other features without ever having to take their eyes off the road.

The self-driving auto market isn’t the only one receiving attention from technology giants around the world.

Samsung has designed a concept for a windshield technology that uses an HUD in order to provide an augmented reality experience that can help to make sure that drivers and riders keep their eyes on the road, regardless of what their smartphones are doing. The tech is focused primarily on riders because many standard auto features now include ways to make and receive calls and to send and receive texts through the audio system in the dashboard.

The augmented reality experience from Samsung provides a display on the windshield of the motorcycle.

Augmented Reality windshields in carsIn this way, users will be able to access various functions of their smartphones without ever having to actually fumble around and withdraw the mobile device from their pockets. The hope is that this could help to make it convenient enough to reduce the risk of distracted riding. The windshield connects with the user’s smartphone by way of Wi-Fi and a companion mobile app.

Through the use of this AR technology, a motorcycle rider will be capable of placing and receiving calls, viewing texts and receiving an array of different types of notifications from other apps. There is also an option for the user to be able to send texts that have been preset for a specific recipient. Therefore, if the rider wants to send a text that says “I’m 5 minutes away”, the text can be preset so that it can be ready to send when the user feels it is appropriate. That said, fresh texts and responses to notifications are not possible through this device.

The augmented reality HUD windshield can also display the visuals of GPS directions, offering an enhanced onboard navigation experience.

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