Microsoft to showcase Smart Glass augmented reality project at this year’s E3

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

E3 to be a hotbed for the latest developments in the gaming industry

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the largest event in the gaming industry, will begin this week and many technology and game developers are expected to show off their plans for the future. Microsoft, in particular, has some ambitious goals for this year’s event, many of which revolve around augmented reality. The company is no stranger to the technology, of course, as its famous Kinect platform has been used extensively by augmented reality developers. At E3, Microsoft plans to unveil details concerning their own augmented reality project for the Xbox 360.

Smart Glass to allow users to stream digital content to their TV from their Xbox console

The famed technology company held a small press event late last week where it showed off its Smart Glass project. Smart Glass – a tentative name for the project – is an application for the Xbox 360. The application will allow users to send digital content from their mobile devices directly to their televisions. This content will be directed through the Xbox platform, which will be used to stream the content to a TV. The new application may be part of Microsoft’s continual crusade to prove to consumers that the only thing they need to enjoy various forms of media is an Xbox and a working TV.

Augmented reality may prove the Xbox 360 is still a viable platform

Microsoft is expected to showcase its Smart Glass project at this year’s E3. The company believes that augmented reality is poised to play a big role in the future of gaming and entertainment, a concept that is shared by many other big-name companies. The company is also expected to continue showing the relevance of the Xbox 360, which has struggled to keep pace with the rapid acceleration of technology in recent years. Though the platform is nearly a decade old, Microsoft believes it is still viable for consumers.

Smart Glass to show the various uses of augmented reality technology

Augmented reality has managed to establish a foothold in the gaming world. The technology has mostly been used for mobile games, but companies like Microsoft and Sony are working to expand augmented reality into consoles. Augmented reality for games is not the only use for the technology, however, a fact that Microsoft hopes to draw more attention to through the Smart Glass project.

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