MacKay Meters and UIC team to bring NFC technology to parking spaces

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots mobile commerce

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Mobile Payments in Parking Lots

MacKay Meters, a manufacturer of parking meters, has announced a partnership with the Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC), a company specializing in electronic commerce and data collection. The partnership will be focused on bringing contactless payment systems to MacKay’s parking meters around the world. Both companies will be developing and implementing NFC technology for MacKay’s Guardian SOLO meters. These meters already accept various forms of payment and MacKay believes they are the best candidate for a new NFC-based payment system.

NFC technology is getting a great deal of attention for its uses in commerce. The technology enables smart phone users to make payments using their mobile device. This is considered to be a more convenient form of commerce considering how many people have smart phones and other mobile devices. Thus far, consumers have shown interest in NFC technology, but are wary of using their mobile devices as payment platforms due to concerns regarding security. Despite apparent interest from consumers, NFC technology has grown slowly due to the lack of mobile devices compatible with the technology.

UIC has extensive history with contactless payments. The company has an established line of pre-paid, contactless cards that have been used for a variety of purposes. MacKay has used these cards in the past for its parking meters. MacKay believes that UIC will help the initiative find success because of its experience with NFC technology.

MacKay’s NFC-enabled parking meters are expected to begin operation at some point later this year.

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