Google shows off Project Glass – augmented reality glasses for a new generation

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Future of augmented reality right in front of your face!


Technology giant Google has been working on a pair of augmented reality eyeglasses recently. The company was initially shy about sharing information on the projects, but has been more forthcoming in the past few weeks. The world of augmented reality is growing more popular, especially with tech-savvy consumers who are looking forward to the future. This growing popularity has spurred companies like Google to develop new augmented reality systems. Google has focused its work on a head-mounted device that it believes will help change the way people see the world around them.

The company published a new Google+ page this week that sheds some light on Project Glass, the name of Google’s augmented reality glasses initiative. The page contains pictures of what the glasses look like currently and highlights possible futures for the project. While the pictures show off the look of the glasses, Google has also included a video that shows off how the system works.

The video shows off some of the promising features that will be included in the glasses. These features include everything that would be expected from a Google mobile device, such as GPS navigation, ability to search for content, and social network connectivity. The glasses will be able to do more, of course, and will allow wearers to take pictures of anything they are looking at and send these pictures to friends or post them on social media sites. The glasses also feature the ability to make video calls. All these features are designed to not intrude upon the wear’s field of view, offering them a clear glimpse of the world behind the digital displays.

The video does not show the actual glasses in action, however. Instead, aims to provide a first-person glimpse of what a user can expect to see while wearing the glasses. The digital displays and features shown in the video are not representative of how they will be with the actual product. Nonetheless, Project Glass appears promising and may be one of Google’s most ambitious endeavors yet. Whether consumers will be enthusiastic about wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses remains to be seen, of course.

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