Line to launch new mobile payments service

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Line announces plans to launch Line Pay in the near future

Line, makers of one of the world’s most popular messaging applications, has announced plans to launch its new mobile payments service in the near future. Called Line Pay, the new service may change Line’s messaging application, adding more value to the app and making it possible for users to transfer money to one another and pay for products. Line is among the latest companies to try and transform its messaging app into a functioning mobile commerce platform.

Messaging applications are becoming powerful mobile commerce tools

Line sees a great deal of promise in the mobile commerce space, especially in the Asian market. Consumers throughout Asia have begun using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products more regularly and the demand for mobile-centric payment services has been on the rise for some time. Several companies, including Tencent, have been working to introduce mobile payment services to their messaging applications. Thus far, consumers have shown favor for this practice, using these services quite regularly.

Line Pay aims to tap into messaging app’s 170 million monthly users

mobile payments commerceLine Pay will require users to register their credit card information before they can send money to others and make payments. The Line app is currently used by some 170 million people every month, and the company believes that many of these people will also make use of its new mobile payments service. Line Pay is part of the company’s larger efforts to turn its messaging application into a platform that can be used in every aspect a person’s digital life.

New services aim to turn Line into a powerful digital platform

Line has introduced several other services that have augmented its application’s abilities. The company recently launched its Line Wow service, which facilitates food deliveries in Japan. Line Maps, Line Taxi, and an upcoming music streaming service will also be made available to app users. Many of these services are limited to Japanese users, but the company may opt to expand the availability of these services in the future.

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