Intralot introduces new NFC-based gaming system

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming

Company combines NFC with integrated gaming

NFC technology has become a staple for mobile commerce around the world. The technology enables smart phones and other mobile devices to be transformed into mobile payment systems. In this way, consumers are able to use their mobile devices to pay for goods and services. NFC has seen use in the world of marketing as well and is considered a powerful tool for engaging consumers. The technology has been absorbed by these two purposes, but Intralot, a company specializing in integrated gaming, believes that NFC can be used for much more.

Tap’n’Play to put a new spin on mobile gaming

The company has developed a new system dubbed “Tap’n’Play.” This system makes use of NFC technology to turn nearly any surface into an interactive gaming platform. Intralot believes that NFC can unlock a new generation of gaming – one that is much more interactive and dynamic. The company is currently in the process of developing a line of games designed specifically for this system. These games are being developed with mobility in mind and will allow gamers to join and leave sessions seamlessly.


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Sleuth of lottery-based games planned for the future

Intralot has taken a keen focus on lottery-based games for its Tap’n’Play system. Lottery games are quite popular around the world and provide gamers with a casual experience. The company’s games are primarily meant to encourage connection amongst those with mobile devices. The gaming world thrives due to the various communities that have been formed over the love of various genres of games. Intralot expects that its lottery games will be able to establish their own community and foster interaction between people.

Success depends on how consumers react to NFC gaming

NFC is mostly used for mobile commerce and marketing. Few have investigated the technology’s use in gaming. As such, this field is virtually unexplored, presenting Intralot with an opportunity to become a leading name in terms of mobile gaming. The company’s Tap’n’Play system may find the success Intralot is hoping to see, if consumers respond favorably to NFC integrated gaming.

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